Trending: The Nineties & How To Wear The Decade Today

When it comes to fashion – like history – everything has a tendency to repeat itself. This includes decades. And, right now, we’re seeing a resurgence of nineties-inspired wears. ‘90s fashion was filled with statement-making pieces, like the slip dress, the cropped sweater, and the fashion set’s favorite Doc Martens.

Here are some of our favorite trends from the era, all of which can easily be incorporated into your current 2015 wardrobe.

Sweaters don’t always have to be oversized and cozy. Cher Horowitz emphasized this in Clueless, and Jessica Alba shows us how to make it work today. Nervous about showing your tummy? Simply opt for a higher waist on the bottom.

Few things are sexier than a straight-to-the-bedroom slip dress. Jennifer Aniston and Kate Moss made this look iconic in the ‘90s, and its staying power was proven by Zoe Kravitz.