Three Year Anniversary

Well I must say that our Anniversary Party has kicked off our fourth year with quite the bang! The night was frosted with sequin curtain displays and brass chandeliers fit for a queen as we pampered our guests with yummy food, just the right wine and a sale so big that it only happens once a year. And with the growing anticipation of the event and my slight fear that no one will show up, I got a little sappy somewhere between cutting tomatoes and assembling the wine glasses; yes we provide only the best glassware for our ladies. I always say that three years felt like five most days, partially because I’m exhausted 89% of the time but mostly because I can’t believe how far we have come in what seems like a short 1,095 days.

We’ve had the opportunity to house our vision and our passion in one of the neatest and oldest downtown buildings. We had the pleasure of stripping the place right down to the original brick and built our home away from home, finding out quickly the quirks of an old building and that there wasn’t a 90 degree angle in sight, but I digress. We filled the floor rack-by-rack, table-by-table and quickly crammed all the clothing in, just hours before our opening night. With minutes to spare, all we could do was step back and admire our work, and for the first time we realized that it was all too real. Relishing in this feeling of relief that the “hard work” was done (that’s an optimistic thought), amazement that we really pulled this all together, and a little giddy feeling that I will forever be surrounded by beautiful clothes. The process was quick and hectic but soon enough came our grand opening night, and then our first weekend, then our first full week and our first month…well you get the point. Everything was new, and it was scary, and thrilling and exhausting.

Now on this night, 1,095 days into it, I step back and look with a whole new perspective, see how everything has changed, and laugh at the stark difference from our opening night until now. There have been countless displays added to the floor, a nearly doubled amount of clothing and jewelry, and the many tweaks that we have made over the last three years. I guess Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Claim.

While the brick holds sturdy around us and the new arrivals keep coming in day after day, I have come to realize that this is not what our “Rome” is truly made out of. It’s our ladies. The ladies from near and far away that have built our “Rome”, and that have supported us in too many ways to count. You have all made Claim Clothing your closet away from home, embraced our store as your first stop and allowed us to be your retail therapist, your cheerleader and friend. Never did I expect to have this town, and your lovely selves make such a profound impact on me. I have learned, listened and grown from each and every story told within the walls of Claim. I have been apart of finding your celebration outfit for weddings, graduations and new beginnings and am honored to have witnessed you take on some of your biggest challenges with full force. You have trusted us with your style and your secrets, and to you, I raise a glass! For being our cheerleaders these past 3 years and allowing us to be yours!