We accept hand crafted artisan items on both a permanent or temporary basis, depending on your needs. Lara is generally available to review potential items Wednesdays- Fridays from 11am-3pm. If that time is not convenient, please call for an appointment. Please fill out the form bellow or email Lara ( for a copy of our artisan consignment policy. Feel free to ask questions if anything is not clear, or if you have special circumstances you would like us to consider.

All items submitted should comply with child safety guidelines, be packaged or ready to display neatly, and comply with FTC and CPSIA labeling requirements. For more information on those requirements and other things to consider when applying as an artisan, we encourage you to look over our Artisan’s Handbook.

Once an application is approved, you may (but are not required to) submit items in advance onlineto save time when bringing items in. You may also use this link to check your current inventory at any time. The database is updated daily.

What we need to set up an account:

  • Samples of your fabulous product for approval
  • An artisan contract and IRS form W-9
  • A brief bio of you or your business for our Artisan’s Profile webpage (optional, but it’s a great way to further promote your business and let people know what you have at our store!)
  • Instructions on how to use and promote your product (optional but highly encouraged)

What kinds of items are we looking for? Basically, anything compatible with gentle parenting for maternity, breastfeeding, post partum and early child rearing. Our primary mission at Blueberry Baby is to help create community, and as such, we work with local producers whenever possible. Organic and natural products are generally preferred, unless there is a specific reason for avoiding those materials.

We do want to respect our current artisans, so we try not to carry what we consider competing items. Similar items are accepted, as long as there is clearly a difference in concept or composition. We are always looking for more knitters, as hats are in high demand in this cold climate! Toys, hand crafted clothing, winter gear, menstrual pads, nursery decoration, cloth diapers and covers, baby shoes, and blankets are always in demand, but please don’t limit yourself to these items! We want to see your innovative ideas and designs.  At this time, we are not accepting more taggies, amber teething products, slings or nursing covers, unless you have something significantly different from what we already carry. If you are interested in learning how to knit Grandma Karen’s signature double layer mittens, please contact us.