Who we are

Lara and Betsy were both raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, but we started our mama careers in very different places: Betsy in Vancouver, Canada, and in Lara in Kasigluk, a small village outside Bethel, Alaska. We started Blueberry Baby in 2004 after returning to Fairbanks and sharing our mutual frustration about trying to find quality cloth diapers, maternity & nursing clothes and natural parenting supplies and support. We finally decided to do it ourselves, and have found amazing support from the Interior Alaska community and beyond!

In the spring of 2012, Betsy decided to step back from Blueberry Baby and sold her share of the business to Lara’s mother, also named Betsy. We hope this does not cause too much confusion! I am delighted to be working with my mother, and hope I don’t drive her too crazy!

Our goal at Blueberry Baby is to supply Fairbanks families with high quality, affordable products for cloth diapering, nursing, baby care and natural parenting, as well as support and information. We encourage practices that are environmentally sustainable, and we look for products made from natural, recycled, and organic materials. We are proud to carry products from many Alaskan artisans. Through our artisan program, we support the local economy and allow many parents and grandparents, even a few entrepreneurial youth, to work from home with their families. We buy as close to home as possible while still maintaining our quality standards. We are moms ourselves, committed to maintaining the health and well-being of our families, and to helping others do the same.