Training aim in CS GO: practice

Perhaps the most popular map for training today is aim_botz. There are many professional players who prefer not to waste time on DM. Instead they go to aim_botz and just in good tone start shooting at heads. There are many ways to start your training on this map. You can intercept the style of another player, but remember that he has been playing this game for many years, so he may not spend time on banal things. If you are just beginning your campaign to the rank of Global, then do not neglect the basics. You can also get more information on CSGO NET.

What you need to know about practice

Someone prefers just to stand in the center, spin and kill bots at a long distance. Someone deliberately removes part of the map, which helps to better target at medium distances. There is another option, which will be perfect for beginners. For this we will need a couple of console edits. The first one is sv_cheats 1. With it we can enable the execution of some commands that are considered cheats. Don’t worry, these are not the cheats that Valve is fighting with. In competitive mode they will not work and are used by most players to learn the map and speed up the training process.

The second team is noclip. With it, we can fly freely on the map through the walls at high speed. It is a very convenient and necessary thing to master CS. Without sv_cheats 1 it won’t work. Ideally it’s best to bind to some free button so that you don’t have to climb into the console to turn it on and off each time. Let’s say you have a free N button (you can have any convenient one in its place).

Use the panel on the ceiling above the player to close three zones, leaving only one. It is desirable the one with which the control panel of the card is located, so that when shooting we physically could not get into it with a stray bullet and break our settings. Choose the desired weapon, then shoot the lock on the wall and, just in case, the one on the ceiling. The first one blocks the random choice of weapons, the second one blocks the entire superfluous interface and protects against hitting it. We marked the necessary places with red arrows. With noclip we fly to the bots in the arena and turn it off (try not to fly beyond the map, otherwise you risk to get stuck in dark textures).

We find ourselves in a small area with bots, which are presented in the form of different models (as we know, for many maps in the game have their own unique character models). Now we have to start spinning and shoot them on the heads. Try to kill these guys as fast as possible, with sharp and dynamic movements. For a better atmosphere, you can turn on some energetic music and try to hit the tempo with shots. Do not clamp from an automatic weapon, make one taps, or short lines of 2-3 rounds.  Remember that the longer you hold the firing button, the less accurate your weapon becomes. After a long queue you will have to pause for stability to recover.

The main thing is not to relax. Move, drive with the mouse, make sharp turns, jump. Each workout should consist in the fact that you give the load on your arm muscles. They should be on fire. If your hand starts to hurt during training it is good, then everything works. Don’t look only one way: frag at the front, quick 180° turn, frag at the back. Try to turn not only through the left side, but also through the right one.

If you want to become a professional player, or even just improve your skills, you should take the task more carefully and try to reach a new level. You can also find some help here . Use all the possible sources to make your skills better.