There’s no one right way to support a cause. Whatever your (our personality quiz to discover what makes you unique), you can be an advocate in YOUR own way. We asked some of our friends in the community how they raise awareness for diabetes, and here’s what they shared. How about you? What are you doing to raise awareness?

“I teach my students (2nd graders) about it every year. I show them all that’s involved with changing my site and how living with this disease does not have to slow a person down. We talk about making healthy choices no matter what is going on in our lives and to take care of the bodies we’ve been given.” – Erin MacDowell Paris

“I wear it, talk it, and educate where ever we go. My daughter was dx almost 5 years ago. We tell Jill’s story. I worked as an office manager for a family doctor, and I still missed the signs. I thought she was losing weight because she just started middle school. I thought her belly ache was because she was nervous. I tell people diabetes is so smart and smarter than most of us. We work very hard for JDRF and we pray every day for a cure. We have raised close to $10,000 just asking people to support the cause to find a cure. Jill’s Leap for the Cure team rocks.” – Jane Cahill

nd a few other sites. My personal commitment is to write at least 100 blogs between April 1, 2014 and April 1 2015 on TUDiabets. I am proud if the work I am doing to raise awareness.” – Rick Phillips

“I post a new fact, story, or link every day, and I’m also participating is Instagram challenge. I have been educating and advocating since my Dx in 1986. I won’t stop until Type one is Type NONE.” – Dana Coltrinari Burke

“I will be speaking for a group of Students at my university on behalf of my fraternity. I will also be talking to younger diabetic children to show them my accomplishments and teach them that you are no different and can have a normal life.” – Eric Farias

“Posting weekly homalking to adults/children in public when they see my pump or CGM, donating to ADA and JDRF, volunteering, being an active example of life with T1D, working with parents and grandparents of T1Ds to help educate about their needs…something new every day, it seems!!” – Rori Russo

“I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 in July and since then I have been sharing my story and daily struggle with it. I have been educating others about diabetes whether it is posting pictures of my pump or sharing facts or memes about diabetes. I have learned so much myself and will continue to keep spreading awareness to others! I am also looking into doing a Diabetes Awareness 5k when it comes to my area next.” – Lauren Michelle Shelton

“I am a type one diabetic. Was diagnosed at 15 and am almost 21 now. Every day I have people asking questions and just being curious about what I have to do to take care of myself and I love being able to explain to them without being judged. I love when people want to know more about the illness rather than just looking down on me or thinking of me as “different”. I’ve even taught friends how to give me a shot and use my meter in case I can’t do it myself.” – Ashlea Chadwick

“I have an awareness program at the public high school I teach at. Every student and faculty member is going to wear blue on Nov. 14 and we are all drawing red hearts on our index finger.” – Angie Allen Davis

“Posting my wins and losses. Sharing knowledge every chance I get. My employer is a big advocate for Diabetes Awareness and we participate in a lot of fund raising events.” – Kristie Kae Richardson