One Giant Leap Into Luxury Fashion

Here at The Luxe Travel, we like our fine things. Fine food, fine wine, fine lodgings and top notch experiences. And a big part of travel culture is the fashion. We like that fine as well.


Travel is bursting with fashion, from the sleek high-flyers flaunting the sharpest pinstripe suits between business meetings in New York and London to the relaxed floral boho-chic skirts meandering along a promenade in the South of France. Travel is full of different styles for different destinations, and fashion lends an extra layer to the experience. This gives us a prime opportunity to explore and discover new fashion pieces and showcase them to you on this blog.


We have a weekly fashion outfit curated by


This luxury fashion blog harmonizes both travel and more general luxury fashion in our bid to discover and create a resource that is all-encompassing for travel and fashion lovers.


We hope you enjoy our journey through fashion and getting in front of the camera!