Instagram for business

According to internal data Instagram as of June 2018 has more than 1 billion active accounts per month. According to the study – 71% of the billion active Instagram users under 35 years of age spend time in the application every month. Another interesting fact: the same July 2019 statistics showed that Instagram has ceased to be a women’s playground. Now the number of men in the photo network is almost equal. Pretty convincing figures to promote your business in Instagram, aren’t they? By the way, the easiest way to do it is to use special services such as

How will the profile of your company work and look like in Instagram?

By creating a business account in Instagram, your company can choose the necessary ways of communication with users: specify the site, phone number and email. You may receive a call, send a message to the post office, find out your location. Besides, some countries have already implemented a full-fledged online store function. 

Description, link and avatar: create an account correctly

  1. Profile description. Place important information about your company in the profile description. You should not fill the description with hashtags, a lot of smiles. Keep in mind the 150 characters limit. To track traffic from Instagram, you can put a UTM tag at the end of the link in your profile description. But Google Analytics wasn’t very friendly with Instagram until recently. Traffic from the application in GA reports was attributed to the source – direct. However, some traffic from an application may still not be recognized in GA. This problem is solved with the help of redirection. External links are still active only in the description, in shopping tags and in the Stories section (if you have more than 10 000 subscribers). The rest of the links in Instagram are not clickable yet.
  2. Link to your site. If you want to make several links in your Instagram, use services like taplink – this one is for example an internal application. That is, a URL like does not take away from the social network, but can act as a business card and store. Some multi-link services can be integrated with online cashiers, connect CRM, track web statistics from Google Analytics, install Facebook Pixel, insert a map, track statistics by clicks, make a pop-up with an offer, place an online consultant right inside the short link, use timers to count down the promotions.

Content creation: golden rules for preparing publications

Content is the main carrier of your brand philosophy, culture, basic principles, fundamental values and corporate ethics. To let yourself go and post in Instagram as usual means to reduce the number of loyal subscribers and possible sales from your account. If you want to create your Instagram for Business, you should follow some rules on content creation and marketing.

To write a good content plan for any niche, it is necessary:

  • Decide on the type of your account. It can be a personal blog or professional account, a brand representative page or an online store.
  • After that – to outline the structure of future content.
  • Create a rubric. In each section, voice the approximate themes for coverage. This future grid of posts, which will be prepared by you for the week ahead.
  • Ask your audience a direct question – ask what content they like. Or do it yourself – analyse the publications by coverage, performance and engagement, and the best posts.

Choose ideas for different types of content:

  • Description of the key benefits of the product.
  • Announcements of new products.
  • Feedback from your clients.
  • Comparison of different products, including yours with competitors.
  • FAQ from your employees.