A Fashion Blog? It’s not serious

No, indeed, Fashion is not serious an that’s better like this. The idea of this blog is to share, have fun and make experiences.

Fashion is the main topic of my blog. I propose you looks, shopping and designer selections. Made in France is the most central issue of the blog. As a blogger, I don’t give lessons: I share my experiences, what I learned by trying, sometimes with more or less success!

You’ll see in this post that I’m not a “fashionista” and in high school, I’ve never been an it-girl: those playground stars, around whom everyone flits: not at all!

Little by little, beauty has become an important topic on the blog: you’ll find make-up tutorials, hair ideas or even cosmetics tests.

How does one become a beauty or fashion blogger?

There are as many reasons as different blogs! As far as I am concerned, it all started after a conversation with my little brother. You need to be passionate, curious and willing to give without expecting anything in return.

Who am I?

I’m Audrey living next to Lyon, in France.

I am passionate about fashion, make-up, chatting with friends, but also about nature, countryside, animals and…..quietness.

I very often need to travel abroad, but I am always dazzled by the beauty and variety of our country.

I read hundreds of magazines (ouch…#badconscience) that I recycle (#ouf) but I hate fast fashion and clothes that last only one season.

I looove gastronomie, I loooove eating but I dislike food reality shows….

Why this blog?

I have a real crush for french manufacturing and know-how so I wanted to promote it. I promote it myself as a consumer and through this blog. And so I wanted to share this with you. I hope it will enable you to get to know famous french brands and new talented designers better.

Thanks for being here,