6 mistakes in profiles on dating sites that men definitely don’t like

If 10 years ago, admitting that you met on the Internet was something shameful, today online dating apps are the most popular and easiest way to find a soulmate. People look at your photos, get to know, communicate, meet. And all this with one click of the mouse. But why do some immediately have a dozen of fans with whom a rough correspondence is tied up, and someone hangs on the site for weeks – and silence? You even try to write to them first, but the messages remain unread. What are the most common mistakes girls make?

In this article, we will talk about the most common mistakes that you can make when preparing your profile. In fact, there are a lot of them, but if you can even take into account some basic tips, then this will already give you the opportunity to increase your chances of meeting on the Internet. Regardless of whether you want to meet black singles or someone completely different, this information will be extremely useful for you. So, what mistakes should not be made when drawing up your profile on a dating site?

Work, work, work

Of course, women have long ceased to be ordinary housewives, and the salary level of some of them can be envied by any man. But it’s not worthwhile to tell in a quarry how you earn your daily bread. After all, first of all, men are interested in your personal qualities, and work is secondary. Remember that you are not interviewing a successful corporation. Relax and just tell about yourself.

Lack of hobbies

In the column “interests” on an online dating website, the girl writes about what a diverse personality she is, but several direct questions asked find out that she is not interested in anything like that. Many girls mistakenly believe that the highest goal of their life is a relationship with a good man. And what this good man will talk to you about, have you thought? Relationships are just one part of life, but not life itself. Think about why it might be interesting with you? You yourself want to meet an interesting person. And what can you interest him in?

Lack of education

You don’t have to prove Fermat’s theorem to the world and the Crystal Owl’s Cup doesn’t have to rest on your bedside table, but at least you have to understand that like attracts like. Know that not all men will like you for your eyes. For some of them, the decisive factors are the level of erudition and well-read.

Candid photos

First you write that you are looking for a serious long-term relationship. You start to communicate, and suddenly a message arrives from you with an attached 18+ photo. Why are you doing this? Looking for sex for one night? Then you are at the right way. Most girls do this because of self-doubt, however paradoxical it may sound. Yes, it is to confirm their self-esteem that they take this step. Believe me, men regard only as frivolity of intentions and a call for free sex.

Too many make-ups

3D eyelashes, raspberry nails and smokey eyes. Do you really not perceive your natural beauty? Men like genuine girls. Those whose natural beauty fascinates and entails. Less glamor, girls!

False information

Would you yourself meet a guy who has a cute chicken or Darth Vader himself instead of a profile photo? At the very least, this will raise certain doubts. Are you embarrassed to indicate your real name and display your photo? Are you afraid that someone will recognize you? Well, this is completely incomprehensible. If you think that getting to know via the site is something to be ashamed of, why are you doing this? A vegetarian believes that meat cannot be eaten, and he refuses meat. He is not ashamed, but simply does not do it. False information in your profile affects the trust between the interlocutors. Be yourself and enjoy communication as you can!