Hey y’all… I’m back again with another installment of my Summer Blogging Series. This week, I have compiled every single app I use to trick my readers into thinking I’m not a hot mess Confession time: I’m not naturally tan, organized, or even a great speller. And fabulous lighting is tough to find sometimes! (Cue Hannah Montana’s Nobody’s Perfect) So thank goodness for modern technology!

I’m banking on the fact that y’all already use the obvious social media apps (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest), so we won’t cover those. This post is all about the additional apps that will help you elevate your blog game on the go!

Before any photo I take makes it to Instagram, I always edit it with this app. It’s easy to use and just takes a couple quick edits to make an ordinary picture eye catching. Once I upload a photo into the app, I increase the brightness, saturation, warmth, and finally sharpen it. If I have an image that isn’t square but needs to be because Instagram is bossy, I can add a white background in the app as well. It is my all-time favorite!

This app was recommended to me by Emily Helm of  and I cannot believe I haven’t tried it sooner. The ease of use is great and I like the brightness and saturation settings a bit more than AfterLight. The best part is this app will save your past settings, so you can easily apply your favorite filter in the future.