How to Create a Meghan Markle Inspired Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Spring fever has most definitely set in, and along with thoughts of fresh flowers and longer days, we’re thinking about updating our closets for the warmer weather ahead. What better way than a Meghan-inspired Spring Capsule Wardrobe?!

If you’re not already familiar, a capsule wardrobe is a number of essential pieces around which your day-to-day style will revolve. These items will be worn again and again throughout the season, so it’s important that they be high quality. By acquiring and maintaining a capsule wardrobe, you’ll save both time (no longer wasting hours trying to decide what to wear) and money (high quality means you won’t have to buy replacement pieces again and again).

We came up with our own capsule wardrobe for Spring, inspired by Duchess Meghan’s classic style. Stock up on these timeless pieces, and stay stylish all season long.