How much do cloth diapers actually cost?

We’ve just made it easier to find out! We just put together some complete diapering packages over at the web store with everything we could think of to get you from birth to potty training, with a few extras thrown in. Complete packages (diapers, covers, wipes, liners, even the detergent & diaper cream!) range from $587 to $1245.

Laundry costs (water, electricity, wear & tear on the machinery) will depend on the efficiency of you washer/dryer and your personal laundry habits, but should range from $150-$300 per year. Cloth diapered babies potty train at 18-24 months, on average, as opposed to the 30-36 month average of children in disposable diapers, at an average cost (in Fairbanks) of $1200 a year.

Some children (like my first 2) average only 12 months.

Going by the national averages, best case scenario for cloth: $812 and potty trained at 18 months.

Best case scenario for disposables:$3000, potty trained at 30 months.

Multiply that by 4 kids (sure we’ve bought pricier diapers from time to time, but we’ve reused a bunch for more than one child too!) and our family has likely saved over $8,000! How many violin lessons and dance classes does that cover? Not as many as I’d like, but it’s a good start!

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